Building People’s Democracy

IPRN Webinar Series 2

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The second of the series of Webinars is scheduled on Nov 27. This is now under the IPRN Theme 2 – Rights and democratic development of societies especially of youth, women, workers and peasants.

The pandemic has exposed the severe structural disfunctions of societies over the world, some more than others. Many governments have retreated to a default mode of police measures and even totalitarianism to enforce its will. Rights and democracy have taken a back seat to say the least. Is this a refashioning of so-called democratic governments or is this just the real core of state rule?

This situation has impelled people organizations to act, seeking various innovative measures to defend their democratic rights. What have been the innovative strategies that the people and their organizations are developing to push transformative change?

The second webinar entitles ‘Building People’s Democracy’ focuses on the struggles to build a democratic societies that truly fulfils the aspirations of the people.  Speakers address the current peoples initiatives and innovations in democratic transformation whether struggles in the streets, in the communities, in democratic processes. All of these help propective researchers and researches to highlight cutting-edge innovations and struggles to transform societies into better functioning democracies in the present and towards the future.

IPRN Secretariat

The Mission of IPRN is to promote and develop people’s research as a key contribution to comprehensive societal development nationally and internationally through multilevel networking, skills development in peoples research, and research cooperation including public dissemination and use of knowledge.